Baptism (2005)

What does it take you to kill for love?

Rumours of his girlfriend being unfaithful have driven Lee to regrettable actions and consequences. His life is now on the line - his boss is out to kill him, while Mya, his girlfriend, discovers Lee is suspect for the rape and murder of two girls he was last seen with. Converging lives and emotions culminate to a shock ending that is Baptism.

Writer, Director, Producer & Editor: Matthew McCracken
Co-Producer, Lighting & Boom: Francesco Bressi

Baptism was sparingly filmed in 2005 amongst the cold of The Blue Mountains winter from May til August. The opening shot of the movie was the first idea/concept from which the story was concocted. The script was written in a three month period starting Dec '04 with five drafts finally penned... typed. The original plan was making Baptism a feature length film, but with no locations and unavailable cast and crew etc, some scenes had to be sadly omitted. Editing was done on PC with Avid Media Composer throughout the shooting. Music by Mick Cardy's "Legacy Of Sound" was laid in at the start of September when final cut was finalised. Baptism had its premeire in 2006 at the Action On Film (AOF) Festival, USA, where it was also nominated for Best Editing.

Baptism was shot on a Canon XL1s with a Sennheiser shotgun mic. Overall cost of making the film was about $1000 with a majority going to a HDD & food for the cast etc. All locations, cast & crew were unpaid participants. One of The Blue Mountains locations were also used in The Darkness' "Love is only a feeling" music video, Stuart Beattie's film Tomorrow, When the War Began &  Stephan Elliott's A Few Best Men.

Tim Ayers                  ... Lee               Ami Shenstone       ... Mya
Nicolás Cañadas      ... Harris            Murray Egan           ... Rick
James Dylan Heath  ... Jimmy           Lucy Kuypers          ... Mel
Erin Bush                ... Rebecca         Shayden Swain       ... Guy
        Noel Brown            ... Hotel Owner    Shareena Brown     ... Shareena
Samara Reinsch ... Female Detective  Chris A. Smirski     ... Kosy
and Jillian O'Dowd as Cassie
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baptism trailer